Fundraising / Expert Tips

Fundraising calendars for schools

With over 30 years print experience we have the knowledge and the know how to ensure you produce a quality, cost effective fundraising calendar to sell at profit for your school.

How to make £1000 profit for your school!

  1. Order 250 A4 calendars (7 leaf option)
  2. Obtain sponsorship with just one £30 sponsor per month
  3. Order before July to get 20% discount
  4. Sell each calendar for £5 each
  5. Make £1000 profit!

With more sponsors, more calendars, and a selling price of £7 or more just imagine what you could achieve for your good cause!

School Fundraising Offers

  • FREE term dates/events highlighted throughout your calendar
  • FREE captions underneath each image
  • FREE school logo and/or sponsor information on each page
  • FREE printed proof to drum up calendar sales
  • Reprints at the same unit cost as original order (minimum reprint is 50 units)
  • FSC paper from sustainable forests - recycled paper available
  • A large template range which can be personalised with school colours
  • Choice of any starting month - academic or standard year calendars
  • Educational and Loyalty discounts